FundedX Review

FundedX Review

✅ 2-stage challenge
✅ Balance based drawdown
✅ Raw spreads
✅ Unique scaling plan up to $5 million

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Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. 74-89% of retail investors lose money when trading CFDs.
You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk.

FundedX helps traders by giving them the chance to trade up to $1 million, grow their capital to $5 million, and trade a fund of $10 million or more. They do this by using a careful evaluation process and sharing profits fairly with the traders. 

Like other prop firms, FundedX has trading conditions you must meet in order to maintain your funded account. They cover the initial costs and the risk of losing the evaluation fee if you don’t meet their trading requirements. In this review, you’ll have a better understanding of their evaluation process, funding options, profit split, and more.

FundedX Quick Overview

FundedX is a Prop trading firm owned by AJ Currency, headed by Adrian Mudronja. The idea behind it is to raise the quality of the whole trading process. This is a quite popular platform, and there are many reasons why it stands out, one of them is its raw spreads. 

FundedX sets itself apart from other prop firms with several unique features:

  • Capital Scaling – You can start trading with as little as $5,000 and scale up to $1 million to $5 million. 
  • Support – You’ll get personalized support and an account manager to assist you through the trading.
  • Access to Different Markets – You’re able to trade many different markets, including Forex, stocks, and cryptocurrencies
  • Fair profit sharing
  • Raw spreads and competitive pricing
  • User-friendly platform
  • Great Customer Support
  • There is not much information about the company
  • Potential for significant losses while trading with high capital
  • The evaluation process is challenging for new traders

Safety Information

There isn’t much information available about FundedX regarding licensing and regulation, or the company history in general. To decide if FundedX is trustworthy for you, you must do some careful research. Look into their terms of service, privacy policy, and refund policy, and make sure you understand them. Make sure that the claims the company makes are backed up by evidence. 

Always remember that trading involves risk, and it’s important to be careful and well-informed when making trading decisions. Many users claim that FundedX has transparent rules and guidelines and that they successfully passed the evaluation process for larger funds.

Innovative Dashboard Experience

FundedX has a user-friendly platform that’s supported by the newest technology and lots of experience in the industry. This means that it’s simple to use and many tools can help you trade. The educational resources provided are very limited, and while the interface is easy to use and user-friendly, it’s not the best choice for beginners.

FundedX Account Evaluation

The FundedX Evaluation process consists of two steps. The process is designed to make sure you meet the specific criteria. Here are the steps:

Phase 1: Profit Target – You must achieve a specific profit based on the chosen funding level. The profit target varies depending on your account size. Higher funding levels require larger profit targets.

Phase 2: Consistency – After completing the first phase, you’re moving to the second. Here, you must demonstrate consistent trading performance. You need to focus on maintaining a persistent trading strategy, and risk managing.

There are some rules you need to follow during both phases, like maximum daily drawdown limits and minimum trading days. By following the rules, and maintaining consistency, you improve the likelihood of completing the challenge and qualifying as funded traders with FundedX.

Consistency Rule

In trading companies, like FundedX, there’s a rule called the “consistency rule”. You’re showing how well you can trade over time. You’ll need to make money regularly and not take too many risks. For example, you can stick to a plan and not change it much. Be extra careful not to lose a lot of money in one day. By making money steadily and being safe, you have a better chance of getting more money to trade with.

Different Challenge Amounts available on FundedX

The FundedX rules depend on what funding level you select. There are 8 challenge amounts available: 5K, 10K, 25K, 50K, 100K, 200K, 500K, and $1.0M. Check the table and see the rules and pricing for each:

Trading PeriodUnlimited daysUnlimited daysUnlimited daysUnlimited daysUnlimited daysUnlimited daysUnlimited daysUnlimited days
Phase 1 Target – 8%$400.00$800.00$2,000.00$4,000.00$8,000.00$16,000.00$40,000.00$80,000.00
Phase 2 Target – 5%$250.00$500.00$1,250.00$2,500.00$5,000.00$10,000.00$25,000.00$50,000.00
Max Loss – 10%$500.00$1,000.00$2,500.00$5,000.00$10,000.00$20,000.00$50,000.00$100,000.00
Max Daily Loss – 5%$250.00$500.00$1,250.00$2,500.00$5,000.00$10,000.00$25,000.00$50,000.00
Minimum Trading Days3 Days3 Days3 Days3 Days3 Days3 Days3 Days3 Days
Refundable Fees115%115%115%115%115%115%115%115%

Available Tradable Markets

FundedX lets traders trade many different things in different markets, from money (Forex), gold, oil (commodities), big groups of companies (indices), or cryptocurrencies. Here’s what you can trade and how much extra buying power you get:

Asset TypeDescriptionLeverageCommission
Forex PairsVariety of Forex pairsUp to 100:1$7/lot
CommoditiesGold, silver, oilUp to 40:1$0/lot
IndicesS&P 500, NASDAQUp to 20:1$0/lot
CryptocurrenciesBitcoin, EthereumUp to 2:1$0/lot

Profit Sharing at FundedX 

FundedX offers a generous amount of profit share of up to 80%-90%. This means if you trade well, you can make a lot of money. 

FundedX offers a 15% profit share from the challenge phase, so you can earn even more during the evaluation process. This means that the Trader’s share is 80% to 90%, the company’s share is 10% to 20%, and the profit-sharing during the challenge phase is 15%.

Customer Support

FundedX offers excellent customer support. You’re able to get in touch with them and get help via emails, live chat, and even Discord. The support working hours are from 8am-5pm EST, Monday to Friday. 

Final Thought

To sum up, FundedX is an interesting opportunity if you’re looking to grow your trading potential. It provides access to different markets and allows you to increase capital. However, because of the lack of educational resources, it might not be the ideal option for beginners. There’s also limited information about the company, but real users’ reviews state that the company is transparent, legit, and not a scam. The best way to see if FundedX is for you is to carefully read and weigh the reviews, pros and cons, and decide.


Is FundedX Scam?

Even though there is a lack of information about the company, users’ reviews state that FundedX is not a scam.

What is the maximum account size?

The maximum account size is $1 Million, but you can request to get more funding through a scaling plan which can go up to $5 Million.

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout amount is over $1.

What is the max drawdown?

The maximum drawdown on both challenges and funded accounts sits at 10% and the maximum daily loss is 5%.

Does FundedX provide customer support?

Yes. You can contact customer support via email, live chat, and Discord from 8am to 5pm EST, Monday to Friday.

Profit Split: up to 90%
Accounts: $5k-$1M
Challenge: 2-phase, no time limit

Licensing & Safety
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
4.3 Overall Rating

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FundedX Review