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TradesAI is a platform designed to assist individuals in making informed decisions in financial markets. It provides a range of tools, including indicators and signals, accessible to both free and premium users. Notable features include the ability to draw trendlines, recognize market structure breakouts, and pinpoint order blocks. 

What Makes TradesAI Unique

What sets TradesAI apart is its emphasis on community support, educational resources, and real-time signals, creating an inclusive solution suitable for traders of all experience levels.

The platform stands out with advanced features like Multi-timeframe order blocks and double top/double bottom + Fibonacci indicators. Its primary goal is to equip traders with top-notch tools and knowledge, with the aim of minimizing losses and maximizing profit potential.

Tradesai Pricing plan

TradesAI offers users a range of pricing options, providing both free and subscription plans with choices for quarterly and annual memberships. The platform supports various markets, encompassing stocks, forex, and crypto, across different timeframes. Emphasizing signal accuracy, it introduces two signal modes – Confirmation and Contrarian – to fit different trading styles.

PlanIndicatorsSignalsIndicators + Signals
Crypto Annually$630/yr$780/yr$1180/yr

TradesAI Login and Signup
To begin using TradesAI, visit their website and select the plan that suits your requirements. After you choose a membership type and finish the purchase, follow the instructions provided to link your trading accounts. Once this setup is done, you’ll immediately have access to TradesAI. If you face any difficulties, contact their support team at [email protected], and remember to include your TradingView username for swift assistance.

Which markets and timeframes are supported by TradesAI? 
TradesAI Premium indicators work perfectly across all markets, including stocks, indices, forex, futures, crypto and commodities. They’re compatible with all timeframes making them ideal for scalping, swing trading, and various other trading styles so it could be used by any type of trader. 

Are TradesAi Signals Accurate? 
TradesAI signals go beyond a rigid win rate approach to enhance accuracy, intending to supplement your technical analysis. With two signal modes, Confirmation and Contrarian, accommodating different trading styles, it’s crucial not to solely depend on these signals. Instead, incorporate them into your analysis. Remember that past performance doesn’t assure future results. Consider the signals as an additional tool to support your technical analysis and assist in decision-making for your trading.

Is TradesAI beginner-friendly?  
Yes. TradesAI offers accessible tools, a supportive community, and tutorials to facilitate smooth navigation. The platform is dedicated to assisting beginners by streamlining the process of manually drawing trendlines and providing a straightforward and encouraging approach to improve their trading abilities.

What is the difference between paid and free features? 
TradesAI’s premium indicators offer advanced features and capabilities beyond the scope of the free versions. Although the free version provides a good starting point, the paid indicators incorporate refined functionalities based on years of user feedback. 

These paid tools provide greater customization, unique features, and comprehensive toolkits, with the goal of simplifying trading processes and building confidence. These tools adjust to a trader’s evolving needs, delivering enhanced features for a more robust and enriched trading experience.

Can I try TradesAi for Free? 
Yes. TradesAI provides a complimentary indicator that comes with no charges or restrictions for users. This cost-free indicator serves as a hands-on opportunity for users to explore and grasp the functionalities of TradesAI. It enables individuals to assess whether the platform’s tools align with their trading requirements before opting for a subscription. The freemium strategy aims to give users a direct experience of the TradesAI platform.

TradesAI Trendlines Free
TradesAI Trendlines, a free tool, simplifies the task of drawing trendlines on trading charts. Users can select a starting point, and the tool automatically extends the relevant trendlines based on specific rules for each candlestick. This feature not only saves time for experienced traders but also streamlines the process for beginners by removing the necessity of manually drawing trendlines. Prioritizing user-friendliness, it enhances trading efficiency for individuals of all skill levels in different markets and timeframes.

What makes it Unique? 

TradesAI Trendlines simplify the process of sketching trendlines on trading charts. Users initiate from a notable candle pivot, and the tool automatically extends the relevant trendlines adhering to specific rules for each candlestick. The algorithm identifies support and resistance levels, establishing “Liquidity Zones” as potential indicators for market reactions. Continuously monitoring these trendlines in real-time, the tool adapts them as the price structure evolves. Its goal is to save time for seasoned traders and provide beginners with a more accessible approach, eliminating the learning curve associated with manual trendline drawing. Essentially, it’s a user-friendly tool contributing to enhanced trading efficiency.

Features of the tool

TradesAI Trendlines comes with valuable features designed for traders:

Trendline Tool:

  • Simplifies the drawing of trendlines by allowing users to select a starting point.
  • Automatically extends relevant trendlines based on specific rules for each candlestick.
  • Constantly monitors and adjusts trendlines in real-time to adapt to changing market conditions.

Log vs. Linear Scale Switch:

  • Enables users to switch between log and linear scales, presenting trendlines according to their preferences.
  • Essential for updating trendlines and validating criteria such as touches or hard closes.

Variety of Trendlines:

  • Offers options to display all types of trendlines, final trendlines, or backside trendlines based on user preferences.

User Benefits:

  • Good for both new and experienced traders.
  • Saves time for experienced traders, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Aids beginners in overcoming the learning curve associated with manual trendline drawing.


  • Functions seamlessly across all markets, including stocks, indices, forex, futures, crypto, and commodities.
  • Compatible with all timeframes, making it suitable for various trading styles.

Why is it used?

TradesAI Trendlines is a tool crafted to streamline the task of sketching trendlines on charts for traders. It aids in pinpointing crucial points on a chart and automatically extends trendlines, establishing “Liquidity Zones” as indicators for potential market reactions. Seasoned traders value its efficiency in time-saving through the automation of the trendline drawing process. For beginners, it offers a more manageable learning curve in manual charting. The primary objective of the tool is to boost trading efficiency by providing precise support and resistance levels, catering to traders with varying levels of experience and diverse trading preferences.

How can it be combined with another tool?

TradesAI Trendlines smoothly integrate with various trading tools, elevating overall effectiveness. They complement order blocks and market structure break levels, forming a comprehensive trading strategy. The amalgamation of horizontal order blocks and diagonal trendlines offers supplementary confirmation, strengthening the reliability of trading signals. This integration empowers traders by providing a more comprehensive market perspective, facilitating well-informed decision-making and potentially enhancing overall trading success.


What is it?

TradesAI ELITE, a premium indicator provided by TradesAI, consolidates 3 tools into a unified package for traders. This comprehensive offering encompasses trendlines, market structure breakouts (MSB), and order blocks (OB). Utilizing artificial intelligence, it autonomously identifies and extends trendlines with precision, eliminating the chance of human errors.

Traders can switch between charts and timeframes, enjoying advanced configurations for the automatic drawing, adjustment, and invalidation of trendlines based on factors such as pivots, candle range, and Fibonacci levels. 

What makes it unique?

TradesAI ELITE distinguishes itself from traditional trendline tools by integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically recognize and extend lines from specific candles. It adeptly highlights critical points on the chart, indicating instances where the price has altered its direction. Through the differentiation of Supply and Demand candlesticks, it utilizes them as starting points for generating upward and downward trendlines. This automated approach ensures precision by applying distinct rules for each candlestick, eliminating the potential for human error and subjectivity. The  indicator consistently monitors these trendlines in real-time, making adjustments from Buying to Selling zones and vice versa as the price structure evolves.

Features of the tool

TradesAI ELITE, a feature-rich tool, aims to elevate traders’ capabilities through several key functionalities:

Automated Trendline DrawingBy using artificial intelligence, it automatically recognizes and extends trendlines from specific candlestick points, ensuring precision without the necessity of manual drawing.
Real-time MonitoringIt continuously tracks trendlines, seamlessly transitioning between buying and selling zones as market structures evolve. Instant adjustments are made to maintain accuracy and relevance.
ConfigurabilityTraders can effortlessly switch between various charts and timeframes, providing flexibility to accommodate diverse trading preferences. Advanced configurations enable automatic drawing, adjustment, and invalidation of trendlines, considering various elements.
Alerts for Real-time FormationsTimely alerts are issued when trendlines form in real-time, keeping traders informed about potential market shifts.
Log vs. Linear Scale SwitchUsers have the flexibility to switch between log and linear scales, adapting to different preferences in trendline display.
Comprehensive Trendline TypesThe tool offers flexibility by allowing users to display all forms of trendlines, final trendlines, or specific backside trendlines based on individual preferences.

Why is it used?

Traders favor TRADESAI ELITE for its effective and precise management of trendlines. The tool employs artificial intelligence to automatically recognize and extend trendlines, reducing the reliance on manual input and minimizing the potential for errors. Its real-time monitoring capabilities prove beneficial in swiftly adapting to changes in market structures, ensuring accuracy through immediate adjustments. 

The automated features of the tool contribute to an overall improvement in the precision of trading strategies centered around trendlines, making it a valuable asset for both beginners and seasoned traders.

How can it be combined with another tool?

You can combine this trendline indicator with our additional trading tools like order blocks or market structure break levels. When utilized together, these tools create a more thorough trading strategy, increasing the likelihood of executing successful trades.

By integrating the trendline indicator with tools such as order blocks and market structure break levels, traders can benefit from a more holistic approach to their trading strategy. The trendline indicator, with its automated drawing and real-time monitoring features, contributes to identifying crucial points on the chart. When paired with order blocks, which signify areas of potential market interest, and market structure break levels that indicate shifts in overall market sentiment, traders gain a more comprehensive understanding of market dynamics.

Market Structure Breakout (MSB)

Market Structure Breakout (MSB) stands out as a specialized trading tool crafted to identify distinct patterns on charts. Its expertise lies in recognizing breakouts from accumulation or distribution zones, typically positioned above resistance levels or below support levels. 

These breakouts signify a shift in the asset’s price away from these zones, often accompanied by increased volume. What sets MSB apart is its unique ability to uncover patterns that may not be immediately apparent on every timeframe due to specific conditions. 

Once identified, the tool not only delineates “take profit” regions aligned with the trading pattern but also permits trading in the opposite direction once these regions are reached. MSB’s effectiveness is rooted in its high accuracy in pattern detection and precise take-profit regions. 

It accommodates various trading styles with tight invalidation, providing traders with flexibility and accurate information for well-informed decisions. Integration with other tools like trendlines and order blocks further amplifies the overall precision of trading signals, contributing to a comprehensive and strategic trading approach.

What makes it unique?

Unlike conventional indicators, the Market Structure Breakouts Indicator distinguishes itself by identifying patterns that may not be visible on every time frame, depending on specific conditions. Once these patterns are identified, the tool highlights ‘take profit’ areas corresponding to the trading pattern and allows for trading in the opposite direction upon reaching these areas. 

The achievement of a successful breakout is anticipated to drive the price toward these predetermined targets, determined by our intelligent Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered algorithm. These targets signify the measured moves established from the breakout point.

Features of the tool:

The MSB tool is crafted with user-friendly features to support traders in various aspects:

Pattern DetectionIt accurately identifies specific trading patterns on charts, such as Double/Triple Tops/Bottoms or W/M breakouts.
Take Profit RegionsBy indicating precise “take profit” areas aligned with the identified pattern, the tool assists traders in making strategic decisions.
Versatile Trading StylesMSB accommodates diverse trading preferences by allowing trades in the opposite direction once profit regions are reached, providing flexibility to traders.
Accuracy in Pattern RecognitionWith a strong emphasis on high accuracy, MSB excels in pattern detection, offering traders reliable information for well-informed decisions.
Tight InvalidationFor effective risk management, MSB provides tight invalidation, enabling traders to set multiple orders with stop losses outside the identified range.
Multiple Levels of InterestIt highlights 3-6 levels of interest for trade initiation, providing traders with a range of options to consider for potential market movements.

Why is it used?

Traders favor the Market Structure Break Indicator for its outstanding accuracy in identifying patterns and providing precise take-profit indications. The tool’s flexibility caters to diverse trading styles and is enhanced by a robust invalidation process. Its proven independent success rate serves as a testament to its effectiveness, and the ability to highlight multiple interest levels adds valuable support for traders in making well-informed decisions.

How can it be combined with another tool?

Creating a robust trading strategy involves combining the Market Structure Break Indicator with Order Blocks and Trendlines. By merging the pattern identification capabilities of the indicator with the support and resistance levels provided by Order Blocks, along with the directional guidance from Trendlines, this amalgamation enhances the precision and reliability of trading signals. Embracing this comprehensive approach provides traders with a thorough understanding of the market dynamics, empowering them to make informed decisions and elevate their overall success rate in trading.

Order Block (OB) and Reversal Order Block (ROB)

Order Blocks (OB) and Reversal Order Blocks (ROB) are crucial elements in trading, aiding in the identification of specific chart areas associated with liquidity and institutional interest.

Order Blocks (OB):
A Bullish Order Block marks the final Bearish candle of a downtrend, succeeded by a series of Bullish candles forming a “Valley.” Conversely, a Bearish Order Block is the last Bullish candle of an uptrend, followed by a sequence of Bearish candles forming a “Peak.” These zones serve as strategic levels for placing Limit/Market orders, potentially revisited later to “balance” the market.

Reversal Order Blocks (ROB):
ROBs highlight zones where Order Blocks fail to exhibit a proper reaction, preventing the establishment of a Higher High (for an uptrend) or Lower Low (for a downtrend). Examples include “Breaker Blocks” or “Mitigation Blocks,” with the algorithm filtering out weaker ones and retaining those with a higher probability of success. Both OB and ROB are clearly marked on the chart, offering entry levels. AI-driven algorithms determine these levels by considering various conditions. The color-coded representation indicates their status, such as whether they’ve been tested or remain untested.

Traders value OB and ROB for their high accuracy and tight invalidation in trading. These zones play a pivotal role in establishing precise trade entries, stop losses, and take profits. The identification of liquidity zones empowers traders to anticipate potential market movements, making OB and ROB indispensable tools in a trader’s toolkit.

What makes it unique?

The indicator concentrates on Full Range Zones and Order Blocks, specifically focusing on the last candle within the Full Range Zone to indicate entry points. Beyond simply marking these levels on the chart, it utilizes an advanced tracking algorithm to intelligently filter out unnecessary levels. 

Unlike conventional support and resistance levels, this indicator relies on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to evaluate the significance of Order Blocks. The AI takes into account distribution and accumulation candles, ensuring that the identified levels accurately reflect their importance on the chart. Additionally, a color-coded representation indicates the status of these levels, providing insight into whether they have been tested or are still untested.

Features of the tool:

The Order Block (OB) and Reversal Order Block (ROB) tool is designed with user-friendly features to assist traders:

Artificial Intelligence-Powered IdentificationThis tool employs advanced artificial intelligence to accurately identify Order Blocks and Reversal Order Blocks on a trading chart.
Zone RepresentationEach identified zone is color-coded, providing a visual representation of its status (tested or untested) for easy interpretation.
Multiple Trigger TypesTraders have the flexibility to use various triggers such as Breakout, Close, Hard Close, or Full Close to mark Order Blocks and their zones, enhancing adaptability in trading strategies.
Smart Tracking AlgorithmA robust tracking algorithm actively monitors and highlights the most relevant Order Blocks and their zones, dynamically adapting to changing market conditions.
Zone Activation ConceptThe concept of “Zone Activation” involves monitoring the 1:1 Expansion of price from key areas of interest, dynamically altering the importance of the zones.
Customization OptionsTraders can personalize settings to display different types of Order Blocks, including tested or untested zones, based on their individual preferences.
Detailed Invalidation CriteriaThe tool provides comprehensive invalidation criteria, considering factors such as Single or Multiple Candle zones, Touching/Closing beyond specific levels, Weak/Strong Testing criteria, and Price Tolerance %.

Why is it used?

Traders highly value Order Blocks for their accuracy and clearly defined invalidation points, providing precise levels for trade entries, stop losses, and take profits. These levels strategically position themselves in areas of concentrated liquidity, often drawing the attention of market makers. Order Blocks also offer distinct invalidation signals based on various candle closes, including hard closes or simple candle closes.

The trading strategy involves leveraging Untested Levels as long as the chart maintains its trend, preferably aligning with the trend for a higher success rate (or against it for a quick scalp).

Monitor the breaking or building of a ladder. A ladder breaks with a hard close of a candle across the closest two levels, while a ladder builds by avoiding a break back down across the tested levels. Strong ladders exhibit a few untested levels, returning to wick them but maintaining the laddering structure in the trending direction (either with Lower Lows + Lower Highs or Higher Lows + Higher Highs).

How can it be combined with another tool?

Integrating Order Blocks with trendlines in trading improves the dependability of indicators for trade setups. The points where horizontal Order Blocks intersect with diagonal trend lines offer added confluence, strengthening the reliability of trading signals. This collaborative approach empowers traders, boosting their confidence in the decision-making process.

TradesAI Free Signals [Freemium Signals Groups]

Their FREE Signals Groups leverage their sophisticated Premium indicator and supplementary automated algorithms on their backend servers. These groups operate on various messaging and social media platforms such as Telegram, Discord, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more. 

TradesAI Premium Signals [Premium Signals Groups]

These groups are accessible on various messaging and social media platforms like Telegram, Discord, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more, providing comprehensive setups that include Entries, Take Profits, and Stop Losses for a diverse range of assets, including stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. 

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