Alpha Capital Group Review

Alpha Capital Group Review

✅ Accounts: $10K - $200K
✅ Profit Split: 80%
✅ Profit targets: 8% - 5%

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Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. 74-89% of retail investors lose money when trading CFDs.
You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk.

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Introduction to Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm

Based in London, Alpha Capital Group is a proprietary trading company formed in November 2021. The founders, Andrew Blaylock and George Kohler, registered it in the UK

Official Company Name

Alpha Capital Group

Prop Firm’s Address

10 Lower Thames Street, Billingsgate, London, England, EC3R 6AF

Establishment Date

November 2021

Business Registration

Operating under UK jurisdiction, Alpha Capital Group adheres to the country’s regulatory requirements.

Ownership Status

Owned & ran by: George Kohler and Andrew Blaylock

Platforms for Trading at Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm

A broad array of instruments is available for traders, targeting diverse trading styles and strategies.

What Instruments Does Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm Offer?

Alpha Capital Group’s trading instrument portfolio is extensive, encompassing a variety of options to suit different trading strategies, from conservative approaches to more aggressive tactics.

Options for Payment at Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm

Offering traditional credit card payments along with modern solutions like e-wallets and cryptocurrencies, Alpha Capital Group ensures a flexible and inclusive payment environment for its traders.

Different Account Sizes at Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm

Account sizes at the firm range from $10K for beginners to $200K for advanced traders, catering to different stages of trading experience. This allows traders to progressively scale their activities as they gain more experience and confidence.

Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm’s Approach to Profit Sharing

Alpha Capital Group allocates 80% of trading profits to the traders, providing them with a substantial portion of their earnings. This policy not only rewards successful trades but also encourages traders to make more informed and strategic decisions.

Profit Goals at Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm

Profit targets are established at 8% for the first level and 5% for the second, providing specific objectives for traders.

Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm: Loss and Drawdown Limits

With a 5% max daily loss and a total loss limit of 10%, Alpha Capital Group aims to instill prudent trading practices among its traders. These boundaries are designed to protect traders from large downturns, ensuring a more stable trading experience.

Alpha Capital Group’s Minimum/Maximum Trading Day Requirements

Traders must participate in virtual trading for at least 3 days during the first two assessment phases and a minimum of 5 days when handling a Qualified Analyst account.

However, during the assessment phases, there is no cap on the maximum number of virtual trading days, but this does not pertain to the Qualified Analyst accounts.

The Rules and Challenges of Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm

The challenge framework consists of a dual-stage process, designed to test and develop traders’ skills.

Cost of Joining Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm’s Challenge

The company sets challenge participation fees ranging from $97 to $997, accommodating a wide range of trading budgets. This allows traders to manage their investment in challenges in line with their personal or professional trading strategies.

Understanding Fees and Commissions at Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm

With no commission charged on any account or challenge size, Alpha Capital Group prioritizes the evaluation of traders’ virtual strategies and risk management.

This zero commission approach allows traders to operate without the worry of additional costs. The firm also conducts Free Monthly Trading Competitions.

Are Fees at Alpha Capital Group Refundable?

Alpha Pro Assessments are non refundable.

Trial Periods Available at Alpha Capital Group Prop Firm

The firm offers a free trial, providing a chance for traders to explore their execution platform and superior dashboard & trading analytics tools. Alongside this, Alpha Capital Group organizes Free Monthly Trading Competitions, offering further engagement opportunities.

Frequency of Payouts

Bi-monthly same-day payments of performance fees are a feature at Alpha Capital Group.

Every two weeks, qualified virtual analysts can access their earnings through ACG Markets, with the payment process being swift and efficient, executed through bank transfer or Deel.

Pros vs. Cons based on Trustpilot reviews

Boasting a 4.6 Trustpilot rating from over a thousand reviews, Alpha Capital Group is recognized for its excellent customer service and intuitive platform. However, there’s a notable call among reviewers for an expansion in the range of tradable assets.

Here are the pros and cons suggested based on Trustpilot reviews.

  • High praise for the support team’s responsiveness and helpful nature.
  • Personalized assistance from specific team members is positively noted.
  • Satisfaction with payout process, albeit with occasional slight delays.
  • Favorable trading conditions on the platform, including low spreads and quick execution, are appreciated.
  • The benefit of zero commission accounts and reasonable spreads, especially on gold, is acknowledged.
  • Some clients have encountered delays and complications in phase transitions and payouts.
  • Reports of slower email response times compared to more efficient live chat support.
  • Concerns about account security, especially in cases of large profits.
  • Challenges with the KYC process leading to dissatisfaction among some clients.
  • Complaints regarding slippage and questions about the integrity of price feeds.
  • A few clients have raised doubts about the firm’s transparency and fairness.

Alpha Capital Group FAQ

The FAQ section on their website answers common questions, providing clarity on their rules and procedures:

What are the rules for qualified traders?

The rules on a Qualified Trader account closely mirror those during the Assessment stages. However, we recommend thoroughly reviewing the Qualified Trader Help Centre section for comprehensive guidance. It’s essential to understand that the same risk parameters apply to both Assessment and Qualified accounts.

The only notable difference is the removal of the virtual profit target rule. Moreover, qualified trader accounts introduce a maximum lot exposure limit.

Which broker do we use?

We exclusively use ACG Markets, a 3rd party FSA Regulated Brokerage.
ACGMARKETS gives us the opportunity to provide you with a Simulated Institutional environment for your assessment with Alpha Capital Group.
ACG MARKETS offering our traders an assessment environment which replicates:
• Extensive Institutional Trading Experience
• Prime or Prime Liquidity
• Ultra-low latency
• Targeted execution time of less than 30ms

Are there Commission Fees?

At Alpha Capital Group we currently offer 2 account types. Standard Assessment and Raw assessment. You can select which one you require at Checkout.
For our Standard Assessment, please note that there are no commission fees applicable to trades across all asset classes.
For our RAW Assessment, a charge of $2.5 per lot will be incurred for each transaction in both directions.
Please note; Indices are commission free across both account types.

What happens if I violate a rule?

This depends on which rule you violate, some rules we classify as a soft breach, others are a hard breach and result in account failure, some rules if broken can result in a complete ban from our platform & funding.
We recommend thoroughly reading through our help centre to ensure you understand the requirements and rules.
Remember, real capital is at stake, if you are attempting to achieve funding of any level up to $200,000, it is imperative you take this seriously, and put the time in to understand the rules, objectives & requirements.

Free Monthly Trading Competition Rules

Our Free monthly Trading competitions are to allow traders to:
• Compete against other traders in a free competition to win discounts, free accounts.
• Try our platform before proceeding to a funding evaluation.
We have implemented the below rules to keep a level playing field, these restrictions do NOT apply to Alpha Pro funding plans, ONLY the free monthly trading competition.
Rule 1: No EA use.
Rule 2: Lot size limit per trade
• 10 lots FX / XAUUSD / XAGUSD
• 30 lots max Oil / CFDs / Indices

To provide clarification:
The maximum permissible exposure for FX & Metals is capped at 50 lots, which equates to the ability to maintain 5 positions with 10 lots each, whether on the same asset or across different assets simultaneously.
Again, the maximum exposure allowable for Oil/CFDs/Indices stands at 150 lots. This translates to the capacity to uphold 5 positions, each comprising 30 lots, either on a singular asset or spanning multiple assets concurrently.
Rule 3: Max number of open consecutive trades at any one time: 5
Rule 4: Max Daily Drawdown: 5%
Rule 5: Max total Drawdown: 10%
Rule 6: No taking advantage of unrealistic fills in the demo environment
Rule 7: Free entry (1 entry per person)
Rule 8: Max $$$ gain wins


[email protected]

Starting Fees: $97 to $997
Challenge Steps: 1 and 2-step
Payout: Every 2 weeks
Licensing & Safety
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
4.0 Overall Rating

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Alpha Capital Group Review