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Proprietary Trading Firms are key players when it comes to traders who lack funding to engage in real trade. We will help and demystify these firms, exploring their core principles, benefits, and drawbacks. 

Licensed Prop Firms

✅ 2-step Challenge
✅ 0% Commission on Trades
✅ 80/20 Profit Share
✅ 25k-200k Accounts

✅ 2-stage challenge
✅ Balance based drawdown
✅ Raw spreads
✅ Unique scaling plan up to $5 million

✅ Accounts: $5k - $200K
✅ Profit Splits: 50% - 100%
✅ Profit Targets: 8%, 8%, 5%

✅ Accounts: $6K - $200K
✅ Profit Split: 100%
✅ Profit Targets: 8% (Phase 1), 5% (Phase 2)

✅ Accounts: $25k - $300K
✅ Profit Split: 80% - 90%
✅ Profit Targets: 10%, 5%

✅ Accounts: $5k - $200k
✅ Profit Split: 80%
✅ Profit Targets: 10% (1-step); 8%, 5% (2-step)

✅ Accounts: $5k - $200K
✅ Profit Split: 95%
✅ Profit Targets: 10%

✅ Accounts: $10k - $200k
✅ Profit Split: 50% - 90%
✅ Profit Targets: 8%

✅ Accounts: $5k - $300K
✅ Profit Split: 90%
✅ Profit Targets: 10%, 8%, 5%

✅ Accounts: $5k - $200K
✅ Profit Split: 90%
✅ Profit Targets: 8%, 9%, 5%

✅ Accounts: $4K - $100K
✅ Profit Split: 60-90%
✅ Profit Targets: 10%, 10%, 5%

✅ Accounts: $5K - $200K
✅ Profit Split: 80%
✅ Profit Targets: 8%, 5%

Understanding Proprietary Trading (Prop Trading)

Proprietary Trading, or Prop Trading firms are companies that use their own capital to trade financial instruments like stocks, currencies, or commodities. Unlike traditional trading, where firms trade on behalf of clients, Prop Trading lets firms directly benefit from successful trades and bear the risks of losses. 

Prop Traders, the professionals executing these trades, use the firm’s resources to tap into market opportunities quickly, reflecting the fast-paced and high-stakes nature of this trading style.

The Blueprint of Proprietary Trading Firms

Proprietary Trading Firms operate with a unique structure. They provide the capital for trading, and in return, they share in the profits made by their traders. These firms support their traders with resources and mentorship, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship. This setup allows traders to focus on generating profits, leveraging the firm’s resources for better trading outcomes.

The Prop Trader Unveiled

Prop Traders are at the forefront of Proprietary Trading Firms. Employed by these firms, they use the provided capital to make trades. In a profit-sharing model, Prop Traders and firms split the profits from successful trades. This arrangement is attractive for traders, as it gives them access to significant trading capital without personal financial risk. It’s an environment where traders can thrive, backed by the firm’s resources and without the pressure of using their own funds.

Top Picks Among Prop Trading Firms

In the diverse world of Proprietary Trading Firms, several standout players have emerged, each offering unique advantages and catering to various trader needs. The pivotal role of trader reviews and ratings becomes evident when evaluating these firms, as they provide real insights into the experiences and successes of traders with these firms. Here’s an overview of some top Prop Trading Firms, based on recent rankings and trader feedback:

FX2 Funding

Known for its flexible evaluation process, FX2 Funding offers a high-profit split of up to 85% and supports various trading styles. The firm, founded in 2022, provides access to proprietary trading software and a global trading community​​.

Funded Trading Plus

A London-based firm, renowned for its unique scaling plan and the opportunity to double account size every 10% profit. It’s especially noted for its variety of funding options and high TrustPilot rating, making it a trusted choice among traders​​.


Operating globally with headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus, Fidelcrest caters to a wide range of traders with various account sizes. It offers up to a 90% profit split and allows trading across multiple instruments including forex, indices, metals, commodities, stocks, and crypto​​​​.


FunderPro, established in 2019 and headquartered in Malta, is a notable proprietary trading firm. Known for offering traders the opportunity to manage up to $200,000 in real funds, FunderPro stands out for not imposing time limits or restrictive rules on trading. The firm emphasizes a modern approach to trading, focusing on technology, innovation, and providing a supportive environment.


This firm stands out for its robust evaluation system, ensuring only skilled traders gain access to funded accounts. With a supportive environment and opportunities for scaling, FTMO is known for nurturing skilled traders​​.


Offering access to up to $4 million in capital, this firm provides diverse funding models and a strong community. Based in the UAE, USA, UK, and Bangladesh, it specializes in forex trading and provides a range of educational resources​​.

Apex Trader Funding

A U.S.-based firm specializing in futures trading, it’s known for its variety of funded programs and robust educational platform. Apex Trader Funding is particularly appealing to beginners in futures trading​​

E8 Funding

With a high rating, E8 Funding, located in Dallas, Texas, offers a significant profit split of up to 90%. It supports trading in various instruments including forex, indices, metals, and crypto​​.

OneUp Trader

Focused on futures, OneUp Trader offers a profit split of 90% and is based in Delaware, USA. The firm supports a vast array of trading platforms and instruments​​.

Audacity Capital

A London-based Forex prop firm, Audacity Capital offers a maximum balance of $480,000 and a profit split of up to 75%. It provides trading opportunities in forex, indices, and commodities​​.

True Forex Funds

Based in Hungary, this firm offers a profit split of 80% and supports trading in forex, indices, metals, commodities, stocks, and crypto. It’s known for its accessible cost and range of platforms​​.

When using reviews and ratings to evaluate these firms, it’s crucial to consider factors like profit split, trading instruments supported, initial balance requirements, and the availability of educational resources. Each trader’s needs and preferences will dictate which firm is the most fitting choice. Reviews offer a glimpse into the real-world experiences of traders, providing invaluable insights into the performance, support, and opportunities these firms offer.

Sharing Your Experience and Ratings

Participating in the BrokersOnline review section is a valuable way for traders to contribute to the community and help others make informed decisions. Here’s a guide on how you can share your experiences and ratings:

  1. Accessing the BrokersOnline Review Section: To start, navigate to the BrokersOnline website and find the review section. This is typically located in a dedicated area for user reviews or within the sections specific to proprietary trading firms.
  2. Understanding the Rating System: The rating system on BrokersOnline ranges from 1 to 5, with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best. This scale allows you to rate your experience with a particular Prop Trading Firm based on several factors, such as the firm’s performance, support, trading conditions, and overall satisfaction.
    • Rating 1: Indicates a very poor experience, where expectations were significantly unmet.
    • Rating 2: Suggests a below-average experience with several notable issues.
    • Rating 3: Represents an average experience, satisfactory but with room for improvement.
    • Rating 4: Shows a good experience, meeting most expectations.
    • Rating 5: Reflects an excellent experience, surpassing expectations.
  3. Writing a Comprehensive Review: When writing your review, be as detailed and honest as possible. Discuss specific aspects like the ease of the evaluation process, the quality of educational resources, the efficiency of customer support, and the overall trading environment. Share both positive experiences and challenges you faced. This detailed approach helps fellow traders get a realistic view of what to expect.
  4. Contributing to the Trading Community: Your review is more than just feedback; it’s a valuable contribution to the trading community. By sharing your experience, you help create a transparent environment where traders can learn from each other’s experiences. Reviews play a crucial role in guiding new traders and aiding them in choosing the right Prop Trading Firm.
  5. Encouraging Others to Share: Finally, encourage other traders to also share their experiences. The more reviews there are, the richer the knowledge base becomes for the community. It helps in building a supportive and informed trading community, where decisions are based on collective experiences and insights.

By actively participating in the BrokersOnline review section, you not only assist others in making informed choices but also contribute to the overall health and transparency of the trading community. Your insights, whether positive or negative, are invaluable in shaping a more informed and connected world of proprietary trading.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Prop Trading Firms

Proprietary Trading Firms offer unique opportunities and challenges to traders. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages is crucial for making informed decisions. Here’s a balanced view:

Advantages of Prop Trading Firms:

  1. Access to Capital: One of the most significant benefits is the access to substantial capital. This allows traders to execute larger trades than they could with their own funds, potentially leading to higher profits.
  2. Profit-Sharing Dynamics: Many Prop Firms offer attractive profit-sharing models. Traders can earn a significant portion of the profits they generate, which is a strong incentive for performance.
  3. Advanced Trading Tools and Resources: Prop Firms often provide traders with sophisticated trading platforms, analytical tools, and educational resources, enhancing their trading strategies and knowledge.
  4. Risk Management Support: These firms typically have established risk management protocols to help traders minimize losses and manage trades effectively.
  5. Professional Growth: Working with a Prop Firm can offer valuable experience in the trading world, helping to build a trader’s skills and professional network.

Disadvantages of Prop Trading Firms:

  1. Profit Sharing Models: While profit sharing can be lucrative, it also means that traders do not retain all their earnings. A portion of the profits is shared with the firm.
  2. Restrictions and Guidelines: Traders often need to adhere to specific trading strategies, risk management rules, and performance targets set by the firm, which can limit flexibility.
  3. Potential for Loss: Despite access to capital and resources, the risk of financial loss is inherent in trading. Unsuccessful trades can impact both the trader and the firm.
  4. Evaluation and Qualification Processes: Many firms require traders to pass through rigorous evaluation or qualification processes, which can be challenging and time-consuming.
  5. Limited Autonomy: Traders may have less freedom in decision-making compared to independent trading, as they must align with the firm’s strategies and policies.

When considering joining a Prop Trading Firm, it’s important to weigh these factors carefully. Assess your trading style, risk tolerance, and career goals to determine if this path aligns with your objectives. Remember, while the prospect of accessing more significant capital and resources is appealing, it comes with its own set of responsibilities and constraints. Each trader’s experience with a Prop Firm can vary greatly, so consider your personal situation and preferences when making this decision.


This article has offered a comprehensive exploration of Proprietary Trading Firms, unveiling their dynamics, benefits, and challenges. Key insights include the understanding of Prop Trading and its role in the financial landscape, the structure and functions of Prop Firms, and the crucial role played by Prop Traders. We’ve also underscored the diversity among Prop Firms and the importance of reviews and ratings in evaluating them.

Real trader reviews, ratings, and personal experiences play a pivotal role in assessing these firms. They provide invaluable insights into the firms’ operations, the success of their trading strategies, and the level of support they offer. This information is crucial for traders in making well-informed decisions.

As the landscape of Proprietary Trading continues to evolve, these insights become even more valuable. Traders are encouraged to harness these resources, delve into the experiences shared by others, and consider all aspects of Prop Firms. This approach will empower them to navigate this dynamic field effectively and select a firm that aligns best with their trading goals and style. Ultimately, informed choices, guided by comprehensive reviews and personal experiences, are key to thriving in the world of Proprietary Trading.

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