In-Depth Review: One of One Funding

In-Depth Review: One of One Funding

✅ Accounts: $6K - $200K
✅ Profit Split: 100%
✅ Profit Targets: 8% (Phase 1), 5% (Phase 2)

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Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. 74-89% of retail investors lose money when trading CFDs.
You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk.

One of One Funding emerged showcasing a broad spectrum of trading challenges and account options ranging from $6,000 to $200,000.

It uniquely offers both single-stage and dual-stage trading challenges, designed to accommodate a diverse set of trading styles and preferences.

The firm is particularly attractive due to its tiered pricing model and an exceptional offer to traders: keeping 100% of their profits. Strict daily and aggregate loss limits are part of the firm’s strategy to instill disciplined risk management in its traders.

Detailed information on these trading parameters is available below. Those interested in leveraging the opportunities at One of One Funding Management Consultancies are encouraged to visit this website now.

Special Discount Codes for One of One Funding Prop Firm

There are currently no available discount codes for One of One Funding Prop Firm. However, keep an eye out for any upcoming promotions or updates.

About One of One Funding Prop Firm

Situated in Dubai Silicon Oasis, at DDP, Building A1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, One of One Funding Management Consultancies holds a prominent location. The year of its inception and the founder’s identity remain confidential, yet ONEOFONE is esteemed for its focus on promoting trader success across global financial markets.

Trading Platform Options at One of One Funding Prop Firm

At One of One Funding Management Consultancies, the trading environment is elevated exclusively through the use of DXTRADE.

This platform is the firm’s preferred tool, offering a sophisticated and streamlined trading experience tailored for contemporary traders. Once traders participate in any Funded Account Challenges, they are granted immediate access to DXTRADE, sidestepping the usual complexities of software installation.

Traders receive their DXTRADE credentials right away, enabling quick immersion into their trading ventures. With its advanced functionalities and user-friendly interface, DXTRADE is crucial for enhancing the trading process, incorporating an array of tools and resources that are indispensable for success at ONEOFONE.

Trade Instruments with One of One Funding

One of One Funding Management Consultancies presents traders with a diverse set of financial instruments, catering to various trading styles and strategies. The firm’s extensive lineup includes:

  • Forex
  • Indices
  • Crypto
  • Metals
  • Energies
  • Stocks

Traders seeking deeper insights into each specific instrument, including leverage details and the assortment of available pairs or assets, can find detailed information in ONEOFONE’s FAQ section, helping them to make informed decisions and engage with the markets successfully.

Payment Methods at One of One Funding Prop Firm

One of One Funding Management Consultancies is committed to making the transaction process as efficient and secure as possible for its traders.

To achieve this, the firm exclusively processes payments through credit cards, ensuring a smooth and quick checkout experience. This method is chosen for its convenience and high level of security, which helps traders access the firm’s resources swiftly and start trading immediately.

Opting for credit cards as the only payment option underscores ONEOFONE’s dedication to a hassle-free service, accommodating a vast range of traders with one of the most universally trusted and straightforward payment methods in use today.

Different Account Sizes Offered by One of One Funding Prop Firm

One of One Funding Management Consultancies caters to a variety of trading strategies and risk management preferences by providing an array of account sizes. Traders can choose from several tiers of accounts, ranging from $6,000 to $200,000, ensuring flexibility to accommodate their specific trading requirements and risk tolerances.

Profit Sharing Strategy at One of One Funding Prop Firm

One of One Funding Management Consultancies is renowned in the proprietary trading field for its outstanding profit-sharing policy. Traders enjoy a 100% profit split, a benefit that applies universally across various account sizes and throughout all challenge steps.

Goal Setting for Profits at One of One Funding Prop Firm

Traders at One of One Funding Management Consultancies follow structured profit goals for both one-step and two-step challenges:

  • Phase 1 Profit Target: Regardless of the challenge size—from $6k to $200k—a uniform 8% profit goal is established, ensuring consistency and clarity from the outset.
  • Phase 2 Profit Target: For participants in two-step challenges, a second-phase profit target of 5% is specified to encourage strategic progression. In contrast, one-step challenges conclude after the first phase.
  • Phase 3 Profit Target: Trading targets are focused exclusively on the first two phases with no additional goals beyond Phase 2.

Additionally, tailored leverage options are provided for different asset classes, including Forex at 100:1, indices at 30:1, US stocks at 10:1, and cryptocurrencies at 2:1.

Guidelines for Losses and Daily Drawdown Limits

At One of One Funding Management Consultancies, maintaining control over risks is essential to the trading strategy. The organization has implemented stringent daily and overall loss limits to mitigate the impact of market volatility on both the traders and the firm.

  • For 1-Step Challenges: Traders must adhere to a maximum daily loss limit of 4%, which fosters consistent risk management and strategic daily planning. The overall loss limit is held at 6%, allowing traders some flexibility while enforcing disciplined trading conduct.
  • For 2-Step Challenges: Given the layered nature of these challenges, the loss parameters are slightly relaxed. Traders are allowed a maximum daily loss of 5%, which gives them additional scope to navigate through market changes. The total loss threshold of 10% recognizes the greater complexity and extended duration of the 2-step challenges.

Trading Day Limits: Maximums and Minimums at One of One Funding

  • Minimum Trading Days: Every trader participating in either a one-step or two-step challenge at One of One Funding Management Consultancies is required to trade for a minimum of 14 days during the funded phase. This rule is intended to provide ample time for traders to assess the market, apply their trading strategies, and make necessary adjustments under various market conditions as they aim for their profit targets.
  • Maximum Trading Days: ONEOFONE does not enforce a maximum number of trading days for the completion of its challenges. This approach offers traders the freedom to undertake the challenges at a pace that complements their own trading style and life circumstances, without the constraint of a pressing deadline.

Breakdown of Challenge Fees at One of One Funding Prop Firm

A standard commission of $5 per lot is levied across all sizes and phases of the challenge.

Overview of Fees and Commissions at One of One Funding Prop Firm

One of One Funding Management Consultancies offers a range of challenge options with varied pricing structures:

  • Challenges with a $6k fund are available for $65.
  • For a $15k fund, the challenge costs $150.
  • A $25k challenge can be entered for $250.
  • Challenges involving $50k funds are priced at $350.
  • Access to $100k challenges comes at a cost of $550.
  • The largest challenges, featuring $200k funds, require a fee of $1000.

Refund Policies at One of One Funding Prop Firm

One of One Funding Management Consultancies guarantees traders refundable fees for all challenges.

Availability of Free Trials from One of One Funding Prop Firm

There is no opportunity for a free trial at One of One Funding Management Consultancies.

Schedule for Trader Payouts at One of One Funding

One of One Funding offers a bi-weekly payout frequency.

Trustpilot Reviews for One of One Funding Prop Firm: Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Seamless Account Transitioning: Clients appreciate the firm’s smooth account transitioning process to new brokers, with consistent communication from the support team, ensuring a smooth experience and uninterrupted trading.
  • Outstanding Customer Service: Traders highly praise the exceptional customer support at ONEOFONE Funding Prop Firm, highlighting the responsiveness and assistance provided by team members like Mark, Wilhem, and William, who offer prompt help even during weekends.
  • Reliable Leadership: ONEOFONE Funding Prop Firm’s leadership, especially TJR, is highly esteemed for its dedication to exceptional service, offering valuable mentorship and quick issue resolution, underscoring the company’s reliability and dedication to client satisfaction.
  • Transparent Payment Policies: Traders are attracted to the prop firm’s 100% payout structure, overcoming initial doubts due to its transparency and commitment to delivering payouts without complications, fostering trust and confidence.
  • Instances of Service Delays: Despite successful payment transactions, reports of delays in receiving services have surfaced, with traders experiencing extended wait times for responses from support channels.
  • Trade Accessibility Challenges: Some traders encounter difficulties accessing and modifying trades, resulting in frustration and financial losses, prompting concerns about the firm’s response and compensation procedures.
  • Complications with Cryptocurrency Transactions: The utilization of cryptocurrency for transactions presents hurdles, including instances of payments made without receiving services, warranting caution and advising against cryptocurrency usage for purchases, and recommending card payments for potential refunds.

Frequently Asked Questions on One of One Funding Prop Firm’s Website

How do I get in touch with support?

Feel free to reach our support team via email at [email protected]

Can I use Expert Advisors (EAs) for trading?

EAs are allowed, but we do not allow HFT bots.

How often can I withdraw my profits?

Withdrawal requests can be made every 14 calendar days. Payout processing times vary based on the platform: Payouts are processed within 24 hours after approval.
Crypto: Payouts are processed within 48 hours after approval.
Please note that if you continue trading on your account after the payout is approved and incur losses that surpass the difference between your total profits and the approved payout amount, the payout will be canceled.

What is considered Prohibited Conduct?

Working in tandem with yourself and others to implement opposing strategies or other activities aimed at pooling or hedging risk.
Using trading strategies intended to exploit or create errors in the services, such as errors in price display or delayed updates.
Utilizing high-frequency trading software or “bots”.
Bypassing geographical restrictions.
Engaging in trading activities on behalf of others or on anyone’s account other than your own.
Trading while underage, specifically below 18 years of age.
Conducting activities that, solely at the discretion of 1of1 Funding, are deemed not to be a viable trading strategy.

What is max allocation?

The max funded allocation a trader can have is $400,000.
There is no limit on challenges.

How do I get my refundable challenge fee?

The one-time refundable challenge fee will be reimbursed automatically alongside your initial payout.

What are the spreads like?

heck the spreads by logging into our spread account!
Username: spreads-1-of-1
Password: qgDMxCC3iG

Can I utilize trade copiers?

Yes, trade copiers are allowed, letting you replicate successful strategies.

What is the Scaling Plan, and how does it work?

The Scaling Plan becomes eligible 3 months after getting funded. If you achieve a 10% gain during this period and receive at least 2 payouts, your account balance will increase by 25%. Further scaling occurs at 25% increments with a cap at $400,000.

Starting Fees: $65 - $1,000
Challenge Types: 1-step, 2-step
Payout: Bi-weekly after initial 30 days
Licensing & Safety
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
4.0 Overall Rating

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In-Depth Review: One of One Funding